Founded by telecom veterans with deep-down experience in carrier operations on the network, and BSS/OSS side Gamma has developed a set of technologies to make management of data faster and economical. Bringing together capabilities in the cloud space with advancements in real-time processing of complex data formats, Gamma solutions are precisely optimized to solve communication industry and data analytics problems

With a data science team - with strong experience in the communications industry, we bring specialized skills to our clients. These advancements are baked into our solutions via machine learning and natural language processing features to provide real results from day one

We work with customers in Wireline, Wireless, MVNO, MSO, Mobile Financial Services Providers, Tandem, ISP sectors along with data analytics in pharma and auto industries.

Our Solution set covers Telecom Analytics, Social Media Analytics, and IoT Data Management


  • Mark Trudeau – CEO, Openvault
  • Peter Mueller – CTO, ATS Inc
  • Vincent Fung - Investor

The Team

Shyam Pillai Chief Executive Officer

Rahul Jotder Chief Technology Officer

Satish Pillai VP - Operations

Abhijit Chanda VP - Technology

Daniel Peter VP - Analytics

Olakunle Akibola

Olakunle Akibola VP - Sales