Complete analytics suite for performing end-to-end analysis & reconciliation from telco data sources with advanced dashboard. The solution caters to revenue assurance, fraud management, audit and group level controls for large multinational operators.

Pronto is a comprehensive analytics product suite built on the Skybase platform providing ETL, processing, analysis, dashboards, reporting, data science and integration to third party tools.

This is a highly configurable tool that can be purposed to the client’s functional requirements and offers the full user journey from raw data to analyzed results in interactive dashboards with real time monitoring, alerts and alarms as well as Android and iOS app support .

Gamma’s innovative data management technology provides users with a fast, high performance solution with support for AWS, Big Query, RackSpace etc with automated set up, configuration and provisioning. Visual query construction, analysis across real-time and historical data sets, statistical modeling, monitoring and management are some of the features available.

Integrated Case Manager, connector framework and predefined KPIs and SLAs allows clients to implement and activate and benefit from the system in immediate to very short time frames

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Designed to address massive data processing especially telecom data, storage and real-time analytics on the cloud. Reports and alarms on your handheld