Presto is the first and only one of its kind downloadable analysis tool for all standard data sources in the telecom network.

With this free trial version, for the first time operators can perform analyses on TAP files using a standard easy to use downloadable component. The free trial version includes all the processing required to access and analyse TAP files.

The plug in will automatically perform the deserialization and enrichment required to analyse TAP files and generate results. The operators can include additional data sources to Presto through an upgrade and deploy this on premises or in the cloud. This solution includes the following components

This solution allows users to process the data on their machines locally or remotely on the cloud securely. And Presto - for Roaming Analytics -- is free of cost, intelligent, industry aware and completely Revolutionary


To create a user specific free license key and the optional free cloud storage we need some information from you before you download. We will generate a license that will be bundled with the download and the key will be emailed to you. Also we will use this info for any installation support you need


Presto is an innovative light weight downloadable component that can natively process telecom files and generate analytics. No more manual intervention, no more excel files and no more frustration. Fast and intelligent, Presto handles all the deserialization, parsing, enrichment and analyses of data.


Installation steps made simpler. We also provide free installation assistance in case there are any challenges in installing Presto