Gamma's analytics platform Skybase is engineered to enable Communication Service Providers (CSPs) meet the challenges of multiple data formats and large data volumes natively and efficiently.

Gamma Skybase is a real time, integrated, CSP focused platform that can manage data from collection at source to analyses to interactive visualizations. Skybase can access and process streaming data such as data generated from sensors, NFCs, M2M interfaces, etc., or files generated from network elements as well as MSC, IN, GGSN, CMTS, etc., and perform various analytics including Descriptive, Exploratory and Predictive to generate real time and near real time actionable results.

CSPs need access to the information within their data and this requires data correlation from internal and external sources, applying data science and generating results in the relatable form of KPIs, Alarms, Trends and Relations.

Gamma platform includes CSP specific applications that provide industry standard KPIs from day one. An integrated suite of modules offer network, region, market and event specific configuration to get customized results.

Operators can start reviewing results from day one irrespective of data volume.

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Designed to address massive data processing especially telecom data, storage and real-time analytics on the cloud. Reports and alarms on your handheld